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10 Year Anniversary Special
(Normally $59)

Start creating professional, dynamic graphs for you own or your clients' web sites. Our helpful and friendly technical support staff provide FREE technical support via email to make sure you have a smooth, fun and "glitch free" learning experience.

AmiChart is licensed for use on a single PC and you can distribute any charts that you make using your licensed copy of AmiChart on any number web sites that you desire.

See instructions below for how to purchase AmiChart.

AmiChart Generator
10 Year Anniversary Special
$129 USD
  (Normally $299
)  per license.

AmiChart Generator is licensed for use on a single server PC and is licensed to dynamically generate charts "on the fly" at the request of your scripts, programs or other web applications. You get a complimentary copy of AmiChart with each purchase of AmiChart Generator that you can install on a separate PC.

Our helpful and friendly technical support staff provide FREE technical support via email to make sure you have a smooth, fun and "glitch free" learning experience.

Discount: if you have already purchased AmiChart and decide to purchase AmiChart Generator, the purchase price of AmiChart will be deducted from your AmiChart Generator purchase. Please specify your existing AmiChart key in the comments section of the ordering page and we will refund the cost of your AmiChart purchase when processing your order.

To Purchase your license and receive your electronic key via email:

Follow these simple steps to make your secure order:

  1. If you have not already downloaded the application then download and install AmiChart.
  2. Open AmiChart and select "Licensing" in the main menu and choose "Purchase License Key".
  3. Fill out the purchase form from within the AmiChart application and click Submit.
  4. Your web browser will open. To continue with the order process press "Continue>>".
  5. Choose the Secure Credit Card payment option, enter your credit card details (your credit card details are protected via 128 bit SSL security) and your electronic key will be forwarded to your email address.

It's that simple! After you receive your key you will be able to add professional animated charts to your website or your clients' websites.

Transfering licenses

If you have to move your license to another PC, please let us know and we will discuss allocating another key for the other PC. The installation on the first PC must be removed.

Upgrade Policy

When you purchase AmiChart or AmiChart Generator you automatically qualify for free upgrades to all other releases with the same major version number. eg. all versions 1.x will be free to upgrade to. When we make a new 1.x release simply download it from our website and install it on your PC and your existing key will work with that new 1.x release. Check the Release History page regularly to keep up to date with new features and any bug fixes.

Bulk Purchases

Discounts are available for bulk purchases and site licenses are also available. Contact us at info@stepaheadsoftware.com for details.

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