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AmiChart Features

Data Input
Your can add your data to AmiChart in any of the following ways:

  • Copy and paste from a spreadsheet (eg., Microsoft Excel).
  • Import data from a delimited text file (eg., a comma, semi colon or tab delimited file .csv)
  • Enter the data directly by hand.

Interactive graphs
Choose the "display values" option for column charts and the value of each column appears when the user moves the mouse over the column.

Chart Styles
Chart styles specify the look and feel of a chart.

  • Reuse a chart style in many different charts
  • Make a set of charts with similar look and feel but with different data.
  • Customize existing styles
  • Create new styles

Specialized Chart Generation
This application is specifically designed for creating charts. You can create bar, line and pie charts. Creating the same sort of chart in a general animation tool would take hours of tedious object placement and thousands of mouse clicks. Save yourself time and effort by creating charts with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Uses the FLASH plug in
Charts are created as Flash files so they play on over 97% of browsers in use today.

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